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Why Java? : Differences from Other Languages

Do you know that Java that is a programming language, is used everywhere from simplest programs to space shuttles? Java is a open source, very effective, object oriented and cross platform programming language. Therefore it can use in all devices that have microprocessors. Most known advantages of Java are platform-independent, advanced object-oriented skills and too many resource on the internet.

Firstly, Java is a platform independent programming language. What is platform-independent or cross-platform? It can be worked same code for all devices that It had Java Runtime Environment. For example C# that is designed by Microsoft engineers, only can correctly work on Microsoft based systems. On the other hand Java, as a cross platform language, can work in all operating systems. It is included that mobile phones, mp3 players, microwave ovens, cars and airplanes to this. Platform doesn’t matter for Java.

Secondly Java has many advantages for object oriented programming(OOP). We can use interface and inheritances easily in Java. Also Java is more secure than other languages thanks to JVM(Java Virtual Machine). It is not allowed extend methods from more than one class to subclasses on same time. So, It is protect to confusion. For example, in c++, we can do it, but it cause many complex problems such as logical problems.  Solving to logical problems is very hard. So, in computer world, comparisons can be won thanks to OOP skills.

Finally, Java is developed by many helpful people. If you don’t solve a problem, you can find solution on Java forums. Also java code libraries and documentations is more extensive than other languages. For example, in C#, online resources and documentations are limited with Microsoft web sites. On the other hand for Java, there are countless resources, code libraries and documents in millions web sites. Java is more helpful than other languages for our programming problems.

Java, as a programming language, is continuing improving and growing. It gains a new skills each version thanks to improvements. Many programmers have still been joining to Java world since It was published. If you want to join us, you shouldn’t be in hesitation. Java is one of the best languages for desktops or embedded systems.

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